district provided chromebook returns
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We will be collecting district provided chromebooks and chargers between June 8 and June 16.
In Person students will be able to return their chromebooks and chargers while on campus during the last week of school (June 8 - June 11) 
InterCONNECT students and anyone that missed earlier date or needed the chromebook till last day of school will be able to return the chromebook and charger and hotspot between June 14 and June 16.
If you need to return your child’s chromebook and charger before June 8th, please bring it to the school’s front office or have your child return it to the Library (if your child is InPerson)

Upon return the chromebook will be evaluated and if there's any visible damage like broken screen or case, our technology department will assess the damage to determine the cost of repairs. Please make sure to return the chromebook with a charger as the District has a fee for a missing charger.

Contact me directly at kwilliams@wpusd.org with any questions.