2020- California Young Reader Medal Nominees and Winner, Primary Category TK-3Top of Page

Our students voted again! I am so happy we got to do it in the library before March! Here are the results! 
The winner of 2020 picture book in our school is...."Can I be your dog?"
The winner in the state of California is..." The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors"
   Can i be your dogthe legend of rock paper scissors
286 students in grades TK-3rd voted. Here you can see how many votes each book received.
1. Can I Be Your Dog? by Troy Cummings 106 votes
2. The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors by Drew Daywalt 100 votes
3. The Bad Seed by Jory John 50 votes
4. Let Me Finish by Minh Lê 19 votes
5. The Highest Mountain of Books in the World  by Rocio Bonilla 11 votes
Last year in 2019 the winner in both our school and in the state of California was
"The Bear and the Piano" 
For more information on the California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) click on the golden medal or link below.